Jake is playing Final Fantasy V on something other than a console, to change it up. Should be interesting....

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Starting Final Fantasy V
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Final Fantasy XV

FFXV talk starts after 30 minutes of Marvel Comics talk!

Jake and Rich and Gladio and Prompto and Ignis and our boy Ardyn all return to wrap up the DLC portion Final Fantasy XV. Surprise at just how good the DLCs are, how excessively masculine Gladio is, Promto's concerns about his origins, Ignis stepping up in a HUGE way, Ardyn finally being revealed to actually be awesome, and more hotness awaits on the latest additional pay per chapter or buy the season pass edition of DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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Final Fantasy XV

FFXV Talk starts at around the 28 minute mark after a lengthy talk about Kingdom Hearts III (SHOCK!!!), Spiderman for Ps4, and Game of Thrones.

Plot continues taking off at a rapid pace as Rich and Jake roll with Noctis and his dude bros while they roll on the finale of the controversial FFXV. Talk of Ignis' new character development, Noctis having a whoooooole lot of dramatic moments, Gladio being a dick, learning Prompto's origins, finally touching on some notable differences between what Rich played when the game initially released, a bunch of bosses, Ardyn reaching new heights of shocking cruelty, and more await on the next Hot Topic drenched goth-industrial mid 90's shock rocker we call DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMNNNN CHOCOBOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Damn Chocobo
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Final Fantasy XV

After a lengthy discussion of music - FFXV talk starts up art the 22 min mark.
After 30+ hours of game time with no forward momentum in the plot Noctis and crew are finally about to make plot happen. What the game have could have done to make the middle chunk less uneventful, a few more dungeons, a detour for mythril for some reason, the return of everyone's favorite busty dragoon, a whole lot of driving around collecting royal arms, the long awaited reunion with Lunafreya, and far more of that prick Ardyn than anyone should ever want await on the latest intrepidly improvisational intellectually imbecilic ignoble impetus we call DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMNNNNN CHOCOBOOOOOOO!!!!
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Final Fantasy XV

Episode starts around the 28 min mark after a lengthy semi spoiler-ey talk about the Resident Evil 2 Remake and one potentially off putting detail about Kingdom Hearts 3.
Rich and Jake ride shotgun with the super stylish crew of Final Fantasy XV as they continue their road trip and screwing across across the countryside. Lots of bumbling about, some relatively boring side quests, a huge letdown after cliffhanger, Ardyn still being a huuuuuge douche, reoccurring non-sequiturs featuring the musician Sting,  the arrival of another suspiciously dressed spear wielding lady, and a lengthy ride with everyone favorite crush (and a certain muscle boi's sister) aaaaand more await on the latest power pop smash single we caaaaalll Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmnnn Chooooooocooooooooooobooooooooo!!!
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Mega Man 3

For those that want to skip the live play-through portion and the top 10 lists, the normal show format section begins around the 2:07:00 mark.
Jake and Rich say goodbye to 2018 and whats up to the New Year the only way they know how - by playing a classic game that they cuss a lot at - this year with the legendary Megaman III. As tradition for the holiday episode, listen to the guys talk about their favorite things of the last year while failing miserably over and over again. How many times does Rich bring up Transformers? How often does Jake mention he's pissed off? How many bosses do they manage to overcome? Does the baby interrupt Rich at any point?!?!?!? Find out on the latest celebratory party we call DAAAAAAAAAAAMN CHOCOBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 

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